Milwaukee 2013 Sustainability Plan

Vision Statement: Milwaukee’s Sustainability Plan will create an alignment of economic and environmental interests that improve Milwaukee’s quality of life, benefiting residents, businesses and our natural environment through embracing smart, achievable sustainability principles. As a result, Milwaukee will be the Fresh Coast Capital of North America.

Why a Sustainability Plan? The purpose of the City of Milwaukee Sustainability Plan is to provide a community and City endorsed strategic vision for Milwaukee’s sustainable economic development for the next 5-10 years. The Plan will document the vision, goals, targets and specific actions that the City of Milwaukee and its community partners will undertake in order to ensure that both current residents and future generations can attain and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The Plan will incorporate “triple bottom-line” accounting so that Milwaukee’s residents, businesses and environment benefit from implementation (i.e., people, planet and profits). The planning effort will utilize the 2005 Green Team Report as a foundation for Plan development as well as utilize the Natural Step for Communities and ICLEI STAR Communities Index as methodologies.

For more on the City of Milwaukee’s Sustainability Planning process, click here


About ReFreshMKE

As Milwaukee residents, we want to create safe and clean neighborhoods, family supporting jobs, and fresh food, while keeping our air and water healthy and clean.
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